Sunday, April 27, 2014

10 ways to be a better spouse: My notes from the 2014 April LDS General Conference

Hi all! I have been meaning to make this blog post for a while, but I just haven't had the chance until now! General Conference (for the LDS church) was almost a month ago! Before listening to all 8 hours I wrote down a few questions that I wanted answers to. One of my questions was, "How can I be a better spouse?" Well! I was very inspired by so many of the talks given and I received some direct answers to this question and I just wanted to share the top 10 things that can be done to improve your marriage! This can be applied to any relationship that you have! So, if you aren't married... this still can very much be applied to your life.

10 ways to be a better spouse

  1. We can't change our spouses, but we can do all that is possible to change ourselves.
  2. Speak kindly towards each other and listen with love.
  3. Gratitude heals the heart and expands the mind.
  4. Forgive and forget.
  5. Happiness at home should be our main goal.
  6. Couples that pray together stay together.
  7. Some of our greatest opportunities to love and serve happen within our own homes. Take advantage of these opportunities given!
  8. Intimacy is important and sacred.
  9. Respect each other.
  10. If we build our foundation upon Christ-- we cannot fail.

I am sure that we have heard these things so many times, but that just confirms how important it is to do them! The reason why I had this question in mind while I was listening conference... is because I am not a perfect wife and there is always room for improvement! I have no doubt that God wants us to be happy in our family life and that is why he has given us to many different sources to look towards as we try to figure out how to achieve happiness and bliss. I'm grateful for my husband! I'm grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be a wife and a mother. It is so challenging at times and yet if those responsibilities were taken away from me I would be nothing! I would have no purpose and my joy would be gone. I believe that the hardest things in life are the most important. Therefor we need to cherish them and nurture them. :)


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